Kenla Systems has delivered many cost effective and high quality internet/mobile based software solutions for a wide range of industries and domains using cutting edge technologies. We are open to receiving requests for solving challenges faced by customers. In order to request project support and solution, please contact


  • iOS (iPhone/iPad)
  • Android (Smartphones & Tablets)
  • HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Cordova, jQuery
  • React, React Native
  • Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa
  • Node.JS, Play / Scala, Elixir, Ruby on Rails, .NET, Java
  • Blockchain, Ethereum, HyperLedger Fabric
  • Analytics, Business Intelligence, Microsoft PowerBI, D3.JS
  • Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Rackspace


        Few of our Enterprise Applications are listed here

Workshop Management System

The California Cash for College (CCFC) workshop series is a partnership effort of high schools, community colleges, universities, and community groups funded by the Commission, campuses, Regional Coordinating Organizations (RCOs) and local organizations.. Cash for College allows host organizations to register workshops, request marketing materials, request training, conduct exit surveys, track student performance post-workshop, etc.

Business continuity management program application allows state departments to gauge how good there Business Continuity Plan is. This dashboard driven tool allows departments to see the progress of analysis and generate reports for mandatory reporting.

Independent Project Oversight and Verification and Validation are web and mobile based application to track IPOR and IV&V team’s findings and observations and recommendations. Tool allows IV&V team to collaborate between resources to develop findings and Client teams to search and find them. Dashboards allow executives to keep track of the lifecycle of findings. Reports of various kinds can be generated and document management of formal submitted report documents available.
Mobile Purchase Approval

The Mobile Purchase Order and requisition Approval application enables managers and purchase order approvers to review, approve, and reject purchase orders on a mobile device. This solution provides easy, on-the-go convenience for approving purchase order (PO) requisitions via any Android based Tablets or Smart Phones, iPads and iPhones with web access. This application was developed using Oracle ADF Mobile framework.
Asset Scanning System

Fixed Asset Scan System Solution is based on Oracle Mobile Application Framework (Oracle MAF) which is a hybrid-mobile framework that enables development of single-source applications to deploy on both the Apple iOS and Google Android platforms. The application helps client to improve the asset tracking efficiency, automate Stock Take process and achieve operational efficiency for their assets.
Tail Spend Management

Tail spend management system is based on Oracle Mobile Application Framework (Oracle MAF) which is a hybrid-mobile framework that enables development of single-source applications to deploy on both the Apple iOS and Google Android platforms. The application has been developed for MetaProcure Inc and has been developed as a multi-tenant, white-labelled technology solution platform to manage the end-end process for Tail Spend from requisions to payment
Mobile Content Management

Mobile content management system is hosted in cloud that enables enterprise users to securely explore, consume and share the enterprise content in their mobile devices. It allows users to collaborate with colleagues and business partners securely. Users can present the document from their mobile device to other mobile users in live mode. Administrator can set various privileges for documents and folders and keep track of user's activities on the documents.
Patient Registration System

The overall objective is to design and implement a robust, secure, and user friendly Web and Mobile based Patient Registration System for patients, medical office staff, and the doctors, with an interface listing features appropriate to that role. The high level features are described in the Scope section below.
Collaboration Service

Collaboration service is a service with REST APIs that can be integrated with web and mobile applications using SOA architecture in various industries like HealthCare, Supply Chain, Manufacturing to name a few. It provides a platform for communicating messages, contextual information and attachments among users. This service allows users to manage their tasks and send notifications. Administrators can control access privileges of users and monitor their activities.



        Few of our Consumer Applications are listed here:


Mamoru is a robust, secure, and user friendly Web and Mobile based application to manage warranties, care and protection of household appliances, electronics and other assets in a digital economy. . It also provides OEMs and Insurance Providers to directly engage with the customers there by reducing costs for consumers and at the same time enhance the brand equity. .Kenla is implementing this project in phases for Mamoru Inc based in California.
CalCoin Application

CalCoin is a Blockchain based application to keep track of transactions among its users using Digital Tokens on Blockchain. This prototype application was developed as a technology demonstrator for Cannabis Trading Platform.
Virtual Coach Application

Virtual Coach is a clinical assistant application based on artificial intelligence and cloud using Amazon’s Alexa service. It helps elderly users of the application engaged and well informed about their clinical trial progression. It ensures proper program adherence using automated reminders. It records occurrence of Migraine headache, generates weekly reports and answers user's queries.

XcellTracker is a web and mobile based comprehensive easy to use Asset, Insurance and Warranty tracking application. Assets can easily be assigned and re-assigned to corresponding policies and warranties when new policies are created, carriers are changed, warranties are extended, etc. This application also allows users to attach key documents to their assets and allows them to setup a custom alerts that helps in alerting them in advance of the expiration of any of their key documents like Driver’s License.
XcellChess Application

XcellChess is a Web and Mobile application targeted for Chess Coaches, students and parents where in a Coach can offer classes,admit students to the classes, assign homeworks, track the payments, manage the Chess Library, add tournament details and Students or Parents can view Coach’s availability and request for admission to a class, receive homework, add/view tournament details, receive alerts on reminders (for homeworks, classes, payments, tournaments, events etc).
Mera Family Application

Mera Family is a web and mobile application that allows a person to build an interactive family tree of his ancestry, going back far into the past, invite parents, grand parents and other relatives to collaborate online and fill in the missing details and expand the tree. Besides, using the created family tree, people can share contact details, birth details, photos, videos, events etc with relatives and link to personal blogs and websites, compare work and leisure interests.
Flash Card Application

Flashcard application allows creating and uploading flashcards in the cloud server and allows users to play the flash cards from their iOS and Android based mobile devices. The application keeps track of user's score and exchanges information across user's multiple devices. It also allows creating flashcards for multiple domains like creating quizzes for competitive exams, daily horoscope etc. It supports textual and pictorial representations and multiple modes of quizzes.

Braceling is a mobile application developed for iOS devices and caters to young girls. This application provides a rich set of features that allows the user to design a doll, necklace and a bracelet according to the way she likes, provides options to send the image via email or upload it to facebook and place order online for necklace, bracelet, and /or the doll via a link to online store. Users can try the designed necklace on themselves and on the designed dolls.